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Heating Oil Tanks

MIserve attend oil tank leaks across Devon including rural Dartmoor and where required arrange replacement, new oil tanks to be installed by experienced OFTEC qualified engineers.

new bunded oil tankinspection of your tank and monitoring of oil usage is very important. Check your oil tank regularly for signs of rust, poor support, damp patches on the side of the tank and leaks.

If you see any of these signs, or you are thinking that it is time to replace your tank call us for expert advice and a free quotation.

Why choose MIserve?

  • Expert, knowledgeable and efficient OFTEC-registered tank team based in Hennock and Heathfield in the heart of Devon. We cover rural Dartmoor and surrounding towns of Ashburton, Bovey Tracey, Chagford, Chudleigh, Kingsteignton, Moretonhampsted, Newton Abbot and Widecombe

  • Our experienced, friendly engineers will work with you to find the best solution for your oil tank problems.

  • We only sell you the highest quality bunded plastic new oil tanks which are manufactured to the highest industry standards and come with a 10-year warranty.

  • We can re-site your tank.

How we replace your oil tank?

  • We will remove the oil from the existing tank and store it in a holding tank on site.

  • We will remove and dispose of your old oil tank in accordance with environmental regulations.

  • The installation of new oil tank will comply with current Oftec and Building regulations.

  • Once your oil tank has been replaced we will return your oil to your new tank.

  • Removal of sludge and water for environmentally friendly disposal.

Leaking oil tank

If you discover that you have an oil tank leak call us and we will be able to supply a temporary tank to keep your appliance going while we look at repairing or if necessary, supplying a replacement oil tank.

Preventing oil leaks

Remember– in preventing oil leaks you are also protecting yourself from legal action for contamination. New legislation relating to contaminated land (oil leaks over 5 litres) operates on a ‘polluter-pays’ principle. If your oil tank leaks and it pollutes the land you could face prosecution, as well as being liable for the costs of the clean-up. If the oil enters a watercourse (stream or manhole cover, for example) these costs could reach thousands of pounds.

Oil tank sludge

Over time condensation will cause water to enter your oil tank. This causes a chemical reaction to take place, producing a sludge which settles to the bottom of the tank. Eventually the sludge will rise enough to interfere with the running of your boiler. MIserve has the technology to remove 90% of this sludge without losing the oil in your tank or having to remove your tank from its location; offering you a cheaper alternative than other companies. We also provide a full range of additives to put in your oil which will prevent this from happening, as well as increasing boiler efficiency.

What insurance do you need to cover you if an oil leak occurs?

Make sure that you have adequate insurance cover, and not just to replace the lost oil. Check with your insurer to see if environmental clean-up is covered in case you suffer an accidental loss of oil. Your policy should have a high enough liability limit to cover you if neighbouring land and/or boreholes are affected. You should also make sure your policy covers the cost of cleaning up oil on your own property, as you will be required to pay for this under the Water Resources Act 1991. One unfortunate householder in Hampshire had only third party cover and recently had to pay around £100,000 for the clean-up of an oil leak on his own land.

Note: insurance companies may not pay if the oil has been leaking for some time, so regular inspection of your tank and monitoring of oil usage is important. Call us for free, impartial advice.